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S600 Ozone CPAP Sanitizer 睡眠呼吸機消毒儀

S600 Ozone CPAP Sanitizer 睡眠呼吸機消毒儀

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S600 睡眠呼吸機消毒儀專為消毒睡眠呼吸機及鼻罩而設

  1. 體積細小,但但功能強大,能消毒效能高達95%,並獲得CE / FCC認證。
  2. 三重消毒過濾程序:第一步 - 過濾灰塵、異味,第二步 - UV 紫外線照射殺菌,第三步 - 通過產生器輸出純淨臭氧Ozone 殺滅細菌病毒
  3. 擁有2500mAh的大電池容量可消毒12次,配以LED電池電量顯示
  4. 三個消毒時間選擇(20, 30, 40分鍾),配以LED顯示
  5. 喉管適配器:配備15、22、6mm適配器,能配合市面上大部份尺寸的睡眠呼吸機喉管。還包括T型適配器,可同時消毒睡眠呼吸機和鼻罩
  6. 隨附消毒袋和便攜式密封消毒袋

套裝包括:睡眠呼吸機消毒儀,USB電線,變壓器,軟管,棉線過濾器x 5,適配器2個,消毒袋,密封袋,說明書

産品尺寸: 117 x 61 x 60mm, 0.3kg

産品功率: 5W (5V1A)


S600 Ozone CPAP Sanitizer: Sterilization efficiency up to 95%, and granted with CE / FCC certification.

Triple disinfection steps:

Step 1: cotton filter removes dust

Step 2: UV sterilization

Step 3: Pure ozone is produced through an ozone generator

  1. 3 disinfection duration to select
  2. Large battery capacity of 2500mAh can disinfect for 12 times
  3. LED battery level display
  4. Various adapters: equipped with 15, 22, 26mm adapters to find mask tubing of various sizes. T-adapter is also included for disinfect both the cpap and mask simultanously
  5. Come with disinfection bag and portable sealed disinfection bag
  6. Packing list: cpap cleaner, USB cable, AC adaptor, hose, cotton filter x 5,
  7. Adaptor 1 + 1, disinfection bag, sealed bag, instruction manual

Product Name


Model No.


Ozone Output

30 mg/H

Input voltage


Rated Power

5 W

Built-in Lithium-ion Battery

2500 mAh, Rechargable

Product Size(L x W x H)

117*61*60 mm

Product Weight

0.3 kg

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