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CPAP.HK Mongkok Shop:Room 1701, 655 Nathan Road, Mongkok (Mongkok MTR Exit E1),Tel: 6645 8282

什麽是睡眠呼吸機? 全名為“連續正氣壓睡眠呼吸機” 簡稱睡眠機 CPAP、呼吸機為現時最有效、最安全治療睡眠窒息症的醫用儀器。CPAP.HK 衛家從外國直接進口原装正品正貨的 CPAP 睡眠呼吸機及配件,免卻中間代理商,故此能以低廉價格售予客户。各款外國名牌睡眠機 CPAP 包括澳洲瑞思邁 ResMed AirSense、美國製造Philips 飛利浦、法國思芬Sefam 睡眠呼吸機等。

CPAP.HK 衛家擁有多年呼吸科經驗的團隊為您提供睡眠機專業售前、售後服務,建議優質、價廉物美的醫療器材給你。請親臨門市,免費體驗、選購各種睡眠機、器材。

Snoozing is one of the key sympthom for sleep apnea which may lead to hypertension, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and etc, hence timely cure is required.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)is a medical device which delivers positive air pressure to nasal cavity through a mask to prevent the upper airway from collapsing, allows the user to resume normal breathing. Famous CPAP brands includeResMed Airsense (Australia),Philips Respironics Dreamstation, Sefam EcoStar(France), and Transcend.

CPAP.HKprovides CPAP at a very affordable price, so more customers can enjoy these high quality devices. CPAP.HK staffs have more than 20 years of experience on respiratory devices, we provide pre and after sales service to customers with 2 years of full warranty to our products.Please feel free to visit us and try our products.

最新款飛利浦DreamStation 2 睡眠呼吸機 Latest Philips DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP

全新安全棉:DS2 主機使用全新安全海棉,讓您安心、放心使用
全新設計:DreamStation 2 自動睡眠機比上一代體積小了29%
全新舒適體驗:Ramp Plus 漸升功能可隨意控制起始氣壓,讓你更易適應入睡

New foam: Use the new foam material to ensure your safe usage. New design: the device is 29% smaller New structure: Integrates the humidifier with main body. New display: Use colour touch monitor for easy control and navigation. New comfort setting: Ramp Plus controls the starting air pressure to ensure get into sleep easier

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旅行睡眠呼吸機 Travel CPAP


CPAP users are advised to use the CPAP every night even when they are travelling; hence some people prefer to buy a "Travel CPAP" , which is much smaller and light weight while it has all the functionality of a regular CPAP.

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CPAP.HK 衛家睡眠呼吸機專門店 - 旺角門市: 旺角彌敦道655號1701室(旺角港鐵E1出口)
CPAP.HK Mongkok Shop:Unit 1701, 655 Nathan Road, Mongkok (Exit E1, Mongkok MTR) 電話 Tel: 6645 8282