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飛利浦 Philips DreamStation 2 自動睡眠呼吸機 Auto CPAP

飛利浦 Philips DreamStation 2 自動睡眠呼吸機 Auto CPAP

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全包套裝:原裝正品正貨 Philips 飛利浦 DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced 主機;任選一款鼻罩連頭帶、加熱加濕器; 6尺長幼氣喉;提袋; 過濾棉、國際電壓變壓器


(1) Microlife B3 AFIB "心房纖顫監測" 全自動血壓計一部 或 S600睡眠機消毒儀一部

(2) 同款鼻罩一套(即一共两套)

(3) 代用即棄過濾棉18片及可況過濾棉3片,足夠18個月使用

全新設計的 Philips 飛利浦DreamStation 2 Advanced 自動睡眠呼吸機CPAP比上一代體積小了29% ,連一體化加濕器,彩色觸控屏幕和全新簡易、圖像操控板面 ,用機變得簡易。Ramp Plus 漸升功能可隨意控制起始氣壓,讓你更易適應入睡。

  • 纖細小巧,高科技結精: 體積較上一代細小29%

  • 一體化主機連加濕器: 與主機緊密連接的加濕器,保持呼吸濕潤

  • 彩色觸控屏幕: 能輕易調整舒適設定漸升氣壓、濕度、風壓及瀏覽用機情況

  • 全新 Ramp Plus 自由調整起始氣壓: 讓您自設個人感到最舒適的起始氣壓,大大提升舒適度

  • 鼻罩漏氣檢測: 只需40秒便可檢測出鼻罩的漏氣情況

  • EZ-Start 功能: 根據用30日的使用數據,逐漸提升氣壓到處方度數讓用家慢慢適應

  • A-Flex 呼氣減壓模式: 貼近自然呼氣,提供最理想的吸氣氣壓及在呼氣時滅低輸出氣壓

     CPAP.HK provides 2 years of product warranty (labour and parts).

    The whole CPAP package includes a main CPAP body, a humidifier, a heated tubing, your selection of one mask set.

    Enjoy our promotion now with the following gifts which worth more than $3988:

    • One set of Microlife B3 AFIB Atrial Fibrillationdetection blood pressure / or one of S600 Ozone CPAP sanitizer
    • One more set of mask (totally 2 sets)
    • 18 pieces of generic disposable cpap filters, and 3 pieces of generic washable filters.


    Dreamstation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced with humidifier combines the full-featured capabilities of larger CPAP machines with the small footprint of a travel-friendly one.

    Compact Design :With a decreased footprint of 29% compare to the previous model.

    Integrated Built-In Humidifier: The built-in humidifier component of the DreamStation 2 maintains it’s overall manageable footprint.

    Color Touchscreen: utilizes an intuitive color touchscreen to navigate menus and settings. From the new Ramp Plus settings to humidity levels and therapy data, it’s all available at the swipe of a finger.

    Ramp Plus for Increased Comfort: Allows control over the ramp pressure. Specify the pressure you’d like the machine to provide during the ramp period, and when it completes it will start normal therapy pressures.

    EZ-Start and A-Flex for your maximum comfort.

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